Best of Boston

BEST Sales Associate

2007 BEST Sales Associate

Dolly Bilzerian-Kelly


There’s more to upscale salesmanship than strategically doled-out snootiness. In her 30 years at the ring-for-entry Alan Bilzerian boutique, Bilzerian-Kelly (Alan’s sister) has developed a knack for divining what customers want and, better yet, what they need. She’ll know, for… read more »

2000 BEST Sales Associate

Michael “Bingo” Sears, Chanel


Michael’s the kind of guy who remembers what you bought last fall and will help you find a way to make it work with something new this season. He’ll stand at the curb with your purchases when parking is impossible…. read more »

1997 BEST Sales Associate

Olga Ilatovsky

Chestnut Hill

Olga Ilatovsky is a master of the soft sell. She’ll tell you if the dress doesn’t fit you—or the occasion—and will scour the racks nationwide for a size or color she can’t find in the store. Look for her in… read more »

1989 BEST Sales Associate

Shreve, Crump & Low


You are treated politely even if you don’t look rich enough to shop here. read more »

1988 BEST Sales Associate

Lord & Taylor’s Shoe Department

They’re nice. Really! read more »

1987 BEST Sales Associate



Friendly and courteous, even during the feeding frenzy of a sale. read more »

1984 BEST Sales Associate

Saks Fifth Avenue


Friendly, knowledgeable, not too pushy. read more »