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BEST Lunch

2015 BEST Lunch, Kids



Fort Point Italian restaurant Pastoral gets points for a prime location (blocks from the Boston Children’s Museum) and an excellent parking situation (get a $5 validation for the nearby Farnsworth Garage). There’s ample stroller parking in the takeout area, and… read more»

2011 BEST Lunch

Hot Dog Annie’s


It’s hard to place the exact ingredients that make up the house signature sauce—an addictive barbecue-onion mixture that has led generations to this off-the-beaten-track hot dog stand with its siren call. What is clear is that it tastes damn good… read more»

2008 BEST Lunch, On the Go



Why any working stiff would settle for a sack of flavorless fast food when Chacarero now has two downtown locations is beyond comprehension. The freshly baked bread alone makes these traditional Chilean sandwiches worth waiting for (and at high noon,… read more»

2008 BEST Lunch

La Voile


Shame on us Americans, keeping lunch penned up in cubicles and break rooms, starved of any real pleasure. The midday meal is entitled to some dignity, as French import La Voile reminds us. Tourists are scarce among the café: linen-topped… read more»

2007 BEST Lunch, Berkshires

Great Barrington Bagel Company

Great Barrington

The best bagels north of New York come in a dozen flavors at Marvin and Judy Lieberman’s indoor-outdoor bagelry. There are also 17 spreads made in-house—including not just staples like light cream cheese but also more-exotic options like light chicken… read more»

2007 BEST Lunch, Nantucket

Something Natural


Gigantic sandwich? Or gigantic cookie? Such are the tough choices at Something Natural, an out-of-the-way eatery with a fiercely loyal following. Meals can be brown-bagged for the beach or enjoyed at one of the picnic tables that dot the lawn,… read more»

2007 BEST Lunch, Martha's Vineyard

Slice of Life

Oak Bluffs

Though some of us may wish otherwise, island eating is not, in fact, limited to fried sea-things. Set back from the fray of Oak Bluffs’ main street, Slice of Life rebels against the predictable while presenting a safe haven for… read more»

2007 BEST Lunch, Cape Cod

The Beacon Room


Vacationers can play it two ways as they settle into this welcoming, wood-filled space for a midday meal: fuel up for an afternoon of high-impact romping in the sand, or just plain fill up for several hours of indolence under… read more»

2006 BEST Lunch, Berkshires

Jonathan’s Casual Cuisine


It’s a rare country cafe that has cross-demographic appeal. Somehow, the Source pulls it off. Maybe the vegan bacon and organic tofu are the common draw, though we suspect it’s the full menu of soups, salads, hot and cold sandwiches,… read more»

2006 BEST Lunch, Nantucket



Its name may sound utilitarian, but don’t be fooled. This homey café makes the most tempting sandwiches on the island, like the aptly named Turkey Terrific: Thick, home-baked wheat bread topped with smoked turkey, buttery stuffing, cranberry sauce, and just… read more»