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BEST Men's Clothing, ties

1999 BEST Men's Clothing, Ties

Ari Boston


Someone once said you can tell a man’s personality from his tie. Ari Boston has a selection to reflect even the most complex psyches, in fine woven silks from Italy. read more »

1998 BEST Men's Clothing, Ties



There is little threat to the tie hegemony that Hermes enjoys; no other store stocks such high-end, well-made, status-symbol neckwear. Some find the patterns staid and the colors dull. We know a classic when we see it. read more »

1995 BEST Men's Clothing, Ties

Anthony Corey’s neckwear

Chestnut Hill

Six of local artist and designer Tony Corey’s gorgeous ties recently fetched $1,700 at the Fenway Community Health Center’s silent auction. And it’s no wonder. Many of the ties, woven from silk in Italy, in various abstract and equestrian designs… read more »

1994 BEST Men's Clothing, Ties

Neiman Marcus

Once again we have to give it to Neiman Marcus where the ties come at you in a kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, and styles. The Neiman Marcus tie department is a bastion against grunge. read more »

1993 BEST Men's Clothing, Ties

The Closet


Very gently worn silk ties by Hubert, Boss, Armani, and Abboud in A1 condition, gently priced at less than $25. Rumor has it that many of them have been worn only once or twice. read more »

1989 BEST Men's Clothing, Ties

Federico Uomo


Hip Italian designs, reasonably priced. read more »