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BEST Personal Shopper

2015 BEST Personal Shopper

Alisa Neely, Style Scout

You’ve kept the same old clothes in your wardrobe for years while blowing money on discount finds that don’t quite fit or flatter. Take a time-out and call Alisa Neely. She arrives with the demeanor of an old friend, which… read more»

2014 BEST Personal Shopper

Missy McInnis

Hingham-based Missy McInnis is just as comfortable working with haute couture as she is with your jean jacket. And because she’s independent (rare amongst personal shoppers), she can source a wardrobe from anywhere and everywhere. Starting in your closet, McInnis… read more»

2007 BEST Personal Shopper

Alisa Neely, Scout


Bolstered by a fashion design background (she cofounded the children’s line Due Sorelle), the 37-year-old Neely has earned raves for her hip and highly practical consulting services, which mix the affordable (H&M, Anthropologie) with the high end (Barneys, Dress). Free… read more»

1998 BEST Personal Shopper

Pamela Santorelli


A store with avant-garde clothing needs a sales assistant who can steer a client through it. Pamela Santorelli of Louis Boston does just that. She’s relaxed and refreshing, patient and pressure-free. And she tells us when something looks terrible without… read more»

1992 BEST Personal Shopper

The Gifted Buyer

Judith Rosenthal can save you time and money—no kidding. She’s independent, unlike most personal shoppers, so she casts her net widely, hauling in the items of your choice, often at bargain prices. read more»

1982 BEST Personal Shopper

Jordan Marsh


Trying hard, they don’t charge a fee. Part of the new image. read more»