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BEST Personal Shopper

2007 BEST Personal Shopper

Alisa Neely, Scout


Bolstered by a fashion design background (she cofounded the children’s line Due Sorelle), the 37-year-old Neely has earned raves for her hip and highly practical consulting services, which mix the affordable (H&M, Anthropologie) with the high end (Barneys, Dress). Free… read more»

1998 BEST Personal Shopper

Pamela Santorelli


A store with avant-garde clothing needs a sales assistant who can steer a client through it. Pamela Santorelli of Louis Boston does just that. She’s relaxed and refreshing, patient and pressure-free. And she tells us when something looks terrible without… read more»

1982 BEST Personal Shopper

Jordan Marsh


Trying hard, they don’t charge a fee. Part of the new image. read more»