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BEST Pet Grooming

2017 BEST Pet Grooming

Kelly’s Underground Dog Grooming


Dropping your dog at the groomer isn’t fun for you or your pooch. The guilt that comes with leaving your canine pal to suffer for your vanity is enough to make you question whether he needs a haircut at all…. read more»

2016 BEST Pet Grooming

Pawsh Dog Boutique & Salon


Cue the puparazzi! The expert groomers at this newly expanded Back Bay salon have styled Tom and Gisele’s furry family members, among other celeb canines, and they’ll clean and clip your pooch with the same level of care and attention… read more»

2014 BEST Pet Grooming

Bark Place


The pro groomers at this cheerful canine emporium consult with customers to determine the right cut and style before brushing out, shampooing, conditioning, trimming, and drying each pooch to perfection—nail clipping and ear cleaning are included, but parents of truly… read more»

2013 BEST Pet Grooming

Durty Harry’s


Sorry to disappoint Clint Eastwood fans, but this much-loved dog spa and shop is named for owner Michelle Fournier’s Lab-retriever mix. Pooches are the stars here as groomers lovingly shampoo, trim, and clip. There’s even pickup and drop-off service for… read more»

2012 BEST Pet Grooming

Dewberry Dogs & Cats Too

South Boston

Pets can get dirty in a matter of seconds. So why does it often take months to schedule a groomer appointment? This cozy spot offers greyhound-fast service (often in the same week you called) and an assertive yet warm touch… read more»

2011 BEST Pet Grooming

Pawsh Dog Boutique


If Vidal Sassoon and Karl Lagerfeld opened a pet business together, it might look a good deal like Pawsh. This swanky boutique specializes in beautifying furry Bostonians—from shampoos and blowouts to sleek body cuts—while also stocking fashionable accoutrements like natty… read more»

2008 BEST Pet Grooming, North



Dogs and people express their devotion to each other in ways the recipient probably wishes they wouldn’t: jumping up and piddling with joy (dogs); making gifts of pup-sized Sox jerseys (people). A trip to the groomer’s might fall into that… read more»

2008 BEST Pet Grooming

Kelly’s Underground Dog Grooming


Between the cooing and the teeny-tiny hair bows, dog grooming is a silly affair. At least to the dogs, who honestly don’t care about being clean, and would much rather spend their time making new friends. At Kelly’s, everyone wins:… read more»

2007 BEST Pet Grooming

sPoochies Spa and Boutique


Loyal sidekicking is hard work. So is giving a cat a bath (something we’ve learned the hard way). Make life a little easier for both you and your furry, filthy pal with a visit to ‘sPoochies, where the gentle techs… read more»

2006 BEST Pet Grooming

Dolittle’s Pet Grooming

Jamaica Plain

Oftentimes, active dogs (and lazy cats) need a little help in the hygiene department. The animal-loving folks at Dolittle’s are trained in the ways of the bath and the blow dry, and manage to lather-rinse-repeat even the most petulant pet…. read more»