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BEST Jewelry Repair

2009 BEST Jewelry Repair, Affordable

The Pear Tree


While Grandma’s pearls might merit the $70 restringing fee a jeweler would charge, this bead shop’s trinket techs will fix just-for-fun pieces on the cheap and on the double. Pay $11 to have that busted turquoise necklace put back together,… read more»

1993 BEST Jewelry Repair

Micaelian Jewelers


Are your family heirlooms falling apart? Take Grandma’s gold jewelry to this tiny workroom, where Michael V. Micaelian will repair it meticulously for a modest fee. read more»

1992 BEST Jewelry Repair

Seidlers of Boston


They fix all that glitters in a glimmer. Without a glitch. read more»