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1996 Best Gifts, African American

Treasured Legacy

Rosalyn Elder opened this gallery/bookshop almost four years ago to make African American culture both approachable and affordable, and to foster a sense of artistic […]
1996 Best Gifts, Housewarming

F. Kia

The majority of these specialty items are produced by local artists. From frames made of old printer’s type to revamped dressers with industrial-size wheels in […]
1996 Best Gifts, Wacky Ideas


Jamaica Plain
The place to go if you’re searching for that unusual, eyebrow-raising gift. Clothing, jewelry, mirrors, clocks, magnets, gargoyles, Keith Haring cards—and even “woogie lamps” (those […]
1996 Best Gifts, Artsy


Life’s little necessities—from CD racks to toothbrush olders—artfully wrought, along with terrific accessories for the home, in two tantalizing shops.
1996 Best Gifts

Oriental Gift and Design

For unusual gift ideas, this store offers gorgeous Asian silk robes and beautifully detailed prints and screens. there are plenty of inexpensive finds—wind chimes, figurines, […]
1996 Best Gifts

Artisans Gift Gallery and Cafe

An unlikely place to find Newbury Street-quality merchandise, but don’t be deterred by its setting hard by Foodmaster and Blockbuster Video. A small but lovely […]