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BEST Chocolatier

2012 BEST Chocolatier

Beacon Hill Chocolates


The truffle display alone, filled with row upon row of beautiful, handcrafted chocolates from the best confectioners in the world, is well worth the trip to this Charles Street boutique. Once we’ve chosen from the blood-orange fleur-de-lis and candied-bacon caramels,… read more»

2011 BEST Chocolatier

L.A. Burdick


Between British import Hotel Chocolat hitting Newbury and New York’s Max Brenner setting up shop on Boylston, the city’s chocoholics are on a high. But for all the appeal of the newcomers, we’re still addicted to humble little Burdick. The… read more»

2010 BEST Chocolatier

Beacon Hill Chocolates


How does this local master of all things chocolat—which last year left its Pinckney Street location for bigger digs on Charles Street—continue to win our affections? It’s simple: Paula Barth’s array of elegantly displayed truffles, sourced from around the globe… read more»

2009 BEST Chocolatier

Beacon Hill Chocolates


As Boston’s artisanal confectioners trend toward ever-weirder flavor combinations (poblano pepper truffles, bonbons oozing with olive oil), Beacon Hill Chocolates has us falling back in love with the classics: fillings like salted caramel and hazelnut praline delivered in beautifully tempered… read more»

2008 BEST Chocolatier

Chocolee Chocolates


With her jewel-like bonbons (exhibits A and B: dark chocolate filled with white chocolate and Chambord, and wafer-thin Viennese almond bark), Lee Napoli has brought a new level of artistry to Boston’s confectionery scene. It’s not just that the flavors… read more»

2007 BEST Chocolatier

Choco Choco House


Sweet tooths won’t be able to resist the convention-defying ingredients in Aliya Wali’s artistic confections, among them goat cheese, edible flowers, plum wine, Hawaiian sea salt, and cardamom. read more»

2002 BEST Chocolatier

Serenade Chocolatier

Brookline Village

Witness the alchemy firsthand: Confections at Serenade, Brookline Village’s intimate chocolatier, are prepared before customers’ eyes using smooth, buttery Callebaut direct from Belgium. It’s a show that has lured in locals, siren-like, for some 15 years now. Then there’s the… read more»

1998 BEST Chocolatier



Ever wonder why the church once outlawed chocolate as too sensual? Airlifted weekly from the little chocolate gnomes in Zurich, delectable with the finest cream, butter, and milk chocolate, these are the kind of chocolates you eat so slowly that… read more»

1995 BEST Chocolatier

Prides Crossing Confections


This confectioner, which started as the tiny store along Route 127, is the source for delicious chocolates, made on the premises. The barks are great, the jellies fruity, the fudge creamy. Best of all is the caramel, which appears in… read more»