Best of Boston

BEST Dessert

2006 BEST Dessert



Adult comfort food is all the rage, and Lisa Sewall’s butterscotch pudding with Chantilly cream and caramelized pecans, $7—a 12-ounce parfait of unadulterated caramel goodness—will fill even the most serious gourmet with childish delight. read more»

1999 BEST Dessert

Crema cremada, Rauxa


Mark our words: Naples-born pastry chef Tonie Rapa is going places. And her Catalan version of a creme brulee is just one reason. It comes in a big, shallow soup plate (the usual mini gratin dish would be a frustrating… read more»

1996 BEST Dessert, Concept

Babycakes from Brian’s


He wants the Boston Cream Pie, she likes the Lemon Custard cake, their dinner guests are partial to mousse cakes and fruit tarts. How to make everybody happy? Order little individual cakes for each person in his or her favorite… read more»

1994 BEST Dessert, Ever



Even indifferent dessert eaters swoon over the Chestnut Chocolate Majolaine with Coffee Creme, which you can order when you make your reservation. The combination of chocolate and mocha buttercream, alternated with layers of meringue and hazelnut in a pool of… read more»

1987 BEST Dessert

The Enchanted Kitchen

Newton Center

The prettiest pastries, bar none. But the ones at Will-Yums, 314 Shawmtu Avenue, Boston, are more soul-satisfying. read more»

1984 BEST Dessert, Chocolate

Toulouse-Lautrec cake from the Savoy French Bakery


read more»

1983 BEST Dessert

The Chocolate Gâteau at Icarus


Rich and satisfying. read more»

1976 BEST Dessert

Zachary’s Restaurant


If Germany had had Black Forest cake, they would have won the war. read more»

1975 BEST Dessert

The Ritz Carlton Hotel


Profiteroles, an incredible puff of pastry filled with ice cream and topped with hot chocolate sauce, are yet another reason for visiting the Ritz. read more»