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BEST Pie, boston cream

1997 BEST Pie, Boston Cream

Mike’s Pastry


Boston cream pies are all about ratios: cake to chocolate, chocolate to cream, cream to cake. At Mike’s Pastry in the North End, somebody did their algebra homework. More like a cake than a pie, Mike’s rendition brings together equal… read more»

1995 BEST Pie, Boston Cream

Bentonwood Bakery/Cafe

Newton Centre

This classic not-really-a-pie has three parts: cake, custard, and chocolate frosting. Bentonwood’s version is unconventional—individual, cupcake-size BCPs, a circle of cake topped with a creamy custard, all hidden underneath a bittersweet-chocolate glaze, but terrific. read more»

1980 BEST Pie, Boston Cream



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1978 BEST Pie, Boston Cream



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