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BEST Hair Colorist

2013 BEST Hair Colorist, Blonde

Nina Ganci, Trephin


Nina Ganci will not judge you for being a lazy blonde, even if your year-old highlights are brassy and now fall somewhere in line with your eyebrows. Instead, she’ll craft a color that matches your complexion, mixing high- and lowlights… read more»

2013 BEST Hair Colorist, Brunette

Michael Albor, The Loft


When you’re clearly a brunette—by coloring, heritage, and attitude—why do so many Boston stylists pressure you to go blond? The one man who gets brown in this town is Michael Albor. Wielding all the luscious shades (burnt umber, auburn, bronze),… read more»

2012 BEST Hair Colorist, Blond

Megan Graham Beauty


We’re so over marathon trips to techno-salon palaces where we’re given just enough attention to warrant an overpriced coloring. Which is why we now place our flaxen tresses squarely in Megan Graham’s hands. She sees the nuances in blondes (we’re… read more»

2012 BEST Hair Colorist, Brunette

The Loft Salon and Day Spa


Michael Albor approached our box-dyed, peppered-with-gray mop with a single question: What was your hair’s hue in grade school? Three hours later, this miracle worker had restored our locks to their former luster, accented with honey-brown highlights and champagne notes… read more»

2011 BEST Hair Colorist, Brunette

Patrice Vinci, Patrice Vinci Salon


Even before those grays started infiltrating our chestnut locks, we discovered Vinci’s gift for color enhancement. Following our mirror-side chat, she conjured up the ideal shad—and voila, instant gorgeousness. Vinci’s knowledge of color, style, and products is unmatched: Give her… read more»

2011 BEST Hair Colorist, Blond

Gary Croteau, Salon Mario Russo at Fan Pier


If you’re looking to keep your root touchups on the QT, Mario Russo’s new outpost inside Louis on quiet Fan Pier offers an alternative to gossipy Newbury Street salons. A better reason to go, however, is Gary Croteau: His sure… read more»

2010 BEST Hair Colorist, Brunette

Billy Daskowski, Will Charles Salon


When sitting in a colorist’s seat, we often feel like a disembodied head of hair. The colorist distractedly feels up our tresses, divines what’s needed, then vanishes to conjure up a mystery hue. That’s never the case at Will Charles,… read more»

2010 BEST Hair Colorist, Blond

Patrice Vinci Salon


Donna Hamilton and Patrice Vinci work with different products and go for different looks, but both are so skilled with the magic wand of blond, each deserves this title. Vinci, a favorite of Hollywood types passing through town, paints brown… read more»

2009 BEST Hair Colorist, Brunette

Erica Colameta, Michael Labrecque Salon


Favoring a multi-step approach e.g., a semipermanent rinse followed by Baliage, the French process that involves painting one teeny-tiny section of hair at a time Colameta excels at taking brown-haired gals from point A to point Angelina Jolie. read more»

2009 BEST Hair Colorist, Blond

Jeffrey Lyle, Emerge


Not only are some of the city’s most high-powered blondes among his clientele, but even Newbury’s notoriously catty cutters (who’d sooner drink bleach than compliment a peer) cant resist gushing over Lyle’s work. In the words of one, The foil… read more»