Best of Boston

BEST Columnist, political

2002 BEST Columnist, Political

Scott Lehigh

A breath of fresh air on the otherwise predictable Globe op-ed page, who actually goes out and covers political events—something too few other columnists bother to do these days. read more »

1999 BEST Columnist, Political

Joe Sciacca, Boston Herald

Finally, a biting wit in town that’s not Howie Carr. read more »

1988 BEST Columnist, Political

Political Staff, Boston Herald

The paper’s Sunday “Pols and Politics” column—a breezy, biting collection of one-liners, tidbits, and anecdotes culled from the annals of the state’s number-one spectator sport—is a must-read for political junkies. read more »

1984 BEST Columnist, Political

Frank Phillips, Boston Herald

Beats the Globe with State House stories weekly, despite being outnumbered four to one by the Globe’s reporters. read more »

1983 BEST Columnist, Political

Peter Lucas, Boston Herald

You must read him to be informed, the Kevin White gaffe notwithstanding. read more »

1982 BEST Columnist, Political

Howie Carr, the Herald

Sure, he writes for us too. In fact, we like to think his best work is here. read more »

1981 BEST Columnist, Political

Ian Menzies, the Globe

Smart, cares about the city, avoids hyperbole. Worth listening to. Edges out the Herald’s Peter Lucas, who’s written one too many pro-Bellotti pieces. read more »

1980 BEST Columnist, Political

Peter Lucas

An insider who can write. read more »