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BEST Breakfast

2014 BEST Breakfast
Photograph courtesy of Henrietta's Table

Henrietta’s Table


The Goldilocks Principle is perfectly apt when applied to early-morning eats: Go too big and you’re ready for a nap before 10 a.m., go too small and you’ll be hungry within the hour. Henrietta’s gets it just right, balancing out… read more »

2013 BEST Breakfast

Zaftigs Delicatessen


We’ll let you in on a little secret: The very same corned-beef hash and eggs, banana-stuffed French toast, and thick potato pancakes that breakfast lovers line the sidewalk for on weekend mornings can actually be had all day, every day… read more »

2009 BEST Breakfast, South

Arthur & Pat’s


You don’t have to be a red-carpet regular to get a seat at Arthur & Pat’s. In fact, it probably wouldn’t matter if you were. When this ragtag seaside shack gets busy—basically, from the day it opens in April till… read more »

2009 BEST Breakfast

The Friendly Toast


Friendly Toast is coming!’ “OMG! Friendly Toast!” Judging by the way local foodies were whipping themselves into a frenzy online, you’d think it was the second coming. But unless one finds salvation in pumpkin pancakes, pecan-caramelized banana waffles, and assorted… read more »

2009 BEST Breakfast, West

Johnny’s Luncheonette

Newton Centre

Having eaten our way across the MetroWest in a futile search for a challenger, there’s little left to say except, once again, here’s Johnny’s. This four-time Best Of winner extends its run by virtue of its satisfyingly thick French toast… read more »

2009 BEST Breakfast, North



Given the high caliber of the region’s diners (the Agawam in Rowley) and lunch counters (Newburyport’s Fowle’s), we’ll admit this fine-dining pick is an eye-opener. Chef-owner Peter Capalbo crafts upscale cuisine most nights at his New American bistro, but on… read more »

2008 BEST Breakfast



Among Boston’s power-breakfast set, Ken Oringer’s otherwise high-profile restaurant (and the chef’s own ‘baby’) has mostly remained a close-kept secret. Exquisitely mannered servers glide through the elegant dining room, quick with the coffee and sparing with the interruptions. The only… read more »

2008 BEST Breakfast, North

Sugar Magnolia’s


Bacon fans and omelet groupies, take a knee: This one’s for Pancake Nation. A Main Street storefront café that’s more about warmth than polish, Sugar Magnolia’s flips buttermilk and blueberry flapjacks as big as Paul Bunyan’s mittens and just as… read more »

2008 BEST Breakfast, South

Arthur & Pat’s


We swore that this year would be different. Surely there was some out-of-the-way truck stop or quirky-crunchy café tucked away in a random cow town that had slipped beneath our radar. After downing piles of leaden pancakes and a coop’s… read more »

2008 BEST Breakfast, West

Johnny’s Luncheonette

Newton Centre

Do your dopey morning brain a favor and resist the impulse to overthink breakfast. We’ll make it simple for you. Start with: thick-cut French toast, or some big spongy pancakes. Also: real butter and syrup, and real sugar for that… read more »