Best of Boston

BEST Auto Body Shop

2003 BEST Auto Body Shop

Mike’s Autobody


Luxury dealerships send their customers to Mike’s, which specializes in high-end automobiles, making scratched and dented Porsches and Mercedes-Benzes look like new again. It can do the same for your car. But while the vehicles here tend toward the expensive… read more»

2003 BEST Auto Body Shop, West

George’s Auto Body Service/Ken’s Auto Body


Honesty and patience aren’t traits typically associated with an auto body shop. But George’s takes the pain out of taking out the dents, with fair prices and work so good you’ll never know your car was damaged. They won’t patronize… read more»

1997 BEST Auto Body Shop, Parts

Cambridge Auto Parts


Have you ever broken your parking light while trying to squeeze into that enviable spot on Newbury Street? For less than half of what you’d pay at most dealerships, these guys will provide (or order) most any spare part. read more»

1991 BEST Auto Body Shop

Orietnal Import Auto Service


Oriental won’t advise $500 worth of repairs when a patch or a plug will do. They’re friendly and accommodating and, by gum, they do a good job. read more»

1979 BEST Auto Body Shop, Mechanic

Paul McWhirk and Tony Antoniou


McWhirk and partner Antoniou work out of A&M Motors, 47 Webster Ave., Somerville. A&M won’t do body work, and 90 percent of their effort is put into foreign cars, but they’re reliable and will work on American models if asked… read more»

1976 BEST Auto Body Shop

Brighton Auto Service


The search for a capable and honest auto machine is not unlike a snark hunt; we were shocked when we found one. The service is quick and efficient, the work reliable, and the price more than reasonable. read more»