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BEST Hair Colorist, corrective

2007 BEST Hair Colorist, Corrective

Ann Sousa


After hours in the chair and a few hundred bucks, your color had better be perfect. Sadly, that’s not always how the story ends. And when a dye goes awry, it feels nothing short of disaster. Sousa will survey the… read more »

2006 BEST Hair Colorist, Corrective

Christine Moore, Umi Salon


Ladies, cancel your lunch appointments: Color correction is no 10-minute miracle. Plan to spend at least a few hours in Christine Moore’s chair while she analyzes the look you were going for, and what went horribly wrong; she’ll detail the… read more »

2005 BEST Hair Colorist, Corrective

Jeffrey Jagling, Grettacole


It’s sad, but true: Highlights take their toll on tired tresses, and dye jobs gone awry take months to grow out. Thankfully, Jagling is a pro at instantly erasing unseemly streaks and reversing regrettable color. Ladies who can’t resist the… read more »

2004 BEST Hair Colorist, Corrective

Laurel Elliot, Vidal Sassoon Salon


Hair color is like a fine wine—richly layered and smooth. But unlike a delicious pinot noir, it doesn’t get better with time (especially when it turns a shade too brassy, gray, or ashy). Laurel Elliot can take color that has… read more »

2002 BEST Hair Colorist, Corrective

Antonio Vitale, Studio for Hair


When the avant-garde salons of Newbury Street mistake overzealousness for creativity, only one man can come to the rescue: Antonio Vitale. You won’t find posh ambiance here; Vitale revels in his tiny Kenmore Square studio’s perfunctory décor and pretense-free atmosphere…. read more »