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Best New Restaurant

2003 Best New Restaurant

UpStairs on the Square and Via Matta

In replacing their much-loved UpStairs at the Pudding (some considered it the real institution of Harvard Square), Deborah Hughes and Mary-Catherine Deibel had big shoes […]
2003 Best New Restaurant, West

Ariadne Restaurant & Bar

It’s not the easy parking or the sexy and refined décor that makes Ariadne our favorite newcomer—but those things help. Shimmering floor-to-ceiling raw-silk curtains in […]
2003 Best New Restaurant, South

Fifty-Three South

Don’t let the trendy name fool you: Fifty-three South is far more nouvelle than nouveau. That’s not to say this fetching bistro, opened at the […]
2003 Best New Restaurant, North

197 East Main

After tenures at Sage and eat, chef Nick Speros has migrated north from Boston and opened 197 East Main. If you’re smart, you’ll follow him. […]