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BEST French Restaurant, affordable

2009 BEST French Restaurant, Affordable



Among the numerous suitors vying for our affections in this category, it’s the South End phenom Gaslight that’s romanced us best. The booming brasserie gets the vintage Parisian accents exactly right, and serves up skillfully swizzled cocktails and well-executed bistro… read more»

2007 BEST French Restaurant, Affordable

Petit Robert Bistro


Tuck into homemade pates, rich onion and leek soups, sardine sandwiches, and solid meat and seafood options. Sugar-bomb desserts cap off a feast made for the sans le sou foodie. read more»

2006 BEST French Restaurant, Affordable

Sandrine’s Bistro


The ambiance seems a touch suburban. But no matter: At Sandrine’s, all eyes are on chef Raymond Ost’s accessible French classics. Follow a salmon crepe starter with seared sea scallops and mashed potatoes piqued with sauerkraut or the house speciality,… read more»

2005 BEST French Restaurant, Affordable

Pierrot Bistrot Fran


It may be, as the book contends, that French Women Don’t Get Fat. But that’s only because they don’t have Pierre Sosnitsky feeding them. At the Maison Robert alumnus’s 11-month-old Beacon Hill bistro, the house pâté is rich, the beef… read more»