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BEST Hair Colorist

2017 BEST Hair Colorist

Patrice Vinci, Patrice Vinci Salon


Patrice Vinci is the beauty fairy godmother you never knew you needed. With an old-school Boston accent and gorgeous golden tresses of her own, the colorist wields her brushes like magic wands and her dyes like potions. Case in point:… read more»

2016 BEST Hair Colorist

Amanda Johnson, Mario Russo


There are two kinds of colorists: those who will do your bidding, no matter how ill advised, and those who will save you from yourself. Mario Russo’s Amanda Johnson is the latter. She’ll skillfully steer you away from, say, a… read more»

2015 BEST Hair Colorist, Red

Grace McGinley, Marc Harris


Grace McGinley’s talents are rare indeed—so rare that those blessed with scarlet locks seek out her prowess with the fussiest of hues. McGinley splits her time between the two Boston Marc Harris locations, where she fires up the clarets, coppers,… read more»

2015 BEST Hair Colorist, Blond

Kelly Gardner, Moxie Salon


Kelly Gardner has an eye for contrast, tone, and depth, with a particular fluency in the art of foiling—super up-close and personal with the root, mind you. Trend-seekers, fret not: Gardner will fearlessly dive into those edgy, ultramodern looks, too…. read more»

2015 BEST Hair Colorist, Brunette

Rachel Graham, the Loft Salon


Trained by color superstar Michael Albor, Rachel Graham has earned her stripes through intensive off-site workshops and time spent crafting the proper hues for Boston’s graying glitterati. She understands the delicate balance between highlights and lowlights required to achieve a… read more»

2014 BEST Hair Colorist, Blond

Megan Graham, Megan Graham Beauty


How many ways can you say blond? By our count, Graham’s lexicon has a few extra pages, given her way with color. For years, Graham has garnered accolades for the way she paints her high and low tones on tresses…. read more»

2014 BEST Hair Colorist, Brunette

Michael Albor, The Loft Salon


Warm, natural, and beautifully blended—that’s the work of Michael Albor, a true color artist. Every time we emerge from his salon, we receive a slew of compliments from unlikely sources, though admirers often struggle to pin down exactly what’s different…. read more»

2014 BEST Hair Colorist, Red

Grace Burke McGinley, Marc Harris Salon


Red is the most volatile of colors—it varies widely from head to head, and fades faster than a Snapchat message. Those who can harness its depth and beauty should be considered colorist samurais. McGinley wields ambers, scarlets, and crimsons with… read more»

2013 BEST Hair Colorist, Blonde

Nina Ganci, Trephin


Nina Ganci will not judge you for being a lazy blonde, even if your year-old highlights are brassy and now fall somewhere in line with your eyebrows. Instead, she’ll craft a color that matches your complexion, mixing high- and lowlights… read more»

2013 BEST Hair Colorist, Brunette

Michael Albor, The Loft


When you’re clearly a brunette—by coloring, heritage, and attitude—why do so many Boston stylists pressure you to go blond? The one man who gets brown in this town is Michael Albor. Wielding all the luscious shades (burnt umber, auburn, bronze),… read more»