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BEST Vintage Clothing

2013 BEST Vintage Clothing



The success of a vintage look is generally determined by whether or not it screams “time machine.” That’s why we love Artifaktori, in Beacon Hill. Its iconic accessories immediately make an ensemble pop, without looking like pop-culture throwbacks: a bright… read more»

2012 BEST Vintage Clothing



Not everyone who shops at vintage spots wants to resemble a ’50s pinup gal—including us. We’d rather comb through the brilliantly stocked, sensibly priced racks at Artifaktori for cozy fisherman’s sweaters, gently worn floral Dr. Martens, and beaded detachable collars…. read more»

2011 BEST Vintage Clothing
Photograph by Jared Leeds

Poor Little Rich Girl


Score iconic pieces from every era—Edwardian velvet gowns, 1950s sock-hop skirts, and last season’s Marc Jacobs babydoll dresses, for starters—at well-below-typical vintage prices at these twin north-of-the-river boutiques. Scarves, shoes, and funky jewelry round out the selection. Bonus: The Cambridge… read more»

2010 BEST Vintage Clothing, Men's

Bobby from Boston


If you like vintage-inspired menswear from Ben Sherman and Rogues Gallery, you’ll love Bobby from Boston, a time capsule of a boutique owned by world traveler Bobby Garnett. He specializes in filling his expansive South End space with collegiate sweaters,… read more»

2010 BEST Vintage Clothing, Jewelry

Twentieth Century Limited


This tiny Beacon Hill basement shop is like your great-aunt’s jewelry collection, only better (and bigger). The display cases at Twentieth Century Limited are organized by decade (1900s through the early ’90s) and show off chandelier earrings, vintage snake wrap-bracelets,… read more»

2008 BEST Vintage Clothing

Bobby from Boston


For anyone who didn’t have a crazy great-aunt who spent like a fiend, wore things once, and saved it all, owner Bobby Garnett has an unreal stockpile of immaculately kept vintage apparel and accessories. On a recent trip to the… read more»

2007 BEST Vintage Clothing



This is vintage for the finicky. No wading through bins, no discarding racks’ worth of garments for signs of age or questionable authenticity. Co-owner and former high school history teacher Rachel Hirsch works with suppliers from around the globe, and… read more»

2005 BEST Vintage Clothing

Café Society


When it comes to looking good, creativity is key. Learn to express yourself, piece together original outfits, and steer away from mass-marketed merchandise by heading to Café Society. The store’s well-priced mix of vintage shoes, bags, hats, and jewelry—all in… read more»

2003 BEST Vintage Clothing

The Garment District


You might have trouble concentrating on the threads inside this giant Alice-in-Wonderland warehouse. After all, the décor—from a statue of a silver horse in full stampede to a collection of Velvises behind the counter—is as sense-boggling as the merchandise. Direct… read more»

2002 BEST Vintage Clothing

Garment District


Rummaging through the racks at the Garment District is like looking for the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. That perfect paisley shirt, pleather skirt, or even preppy blue blazer is there—you just know it is—but the place is so full… read more»