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BEST Ice Cream, Berkshires

2007 BEST Ice Cream, Berkshires

Soco Creamery


Despite its metropolitan moniker, this year-round treat shop brims with local flavor. The homemade ice cream is churned out in myriad varieties, including velvety black raspberry, cake batter, and mint chocolate chip; this year the creamery also debuted zesty gelato… read more»

2006 BEST Ice Cream, Berkshires

Berkshire Ice Cream


You’re hot; it’s cold. Ice cream in the summer is a no-brainer. Ordering Berkshire Ice Cream, on the other hand, is hardly straightforward: the 67 all-natural varieties—espresso crunch, peach, black raspberry, oh my!—are heavenly. Made from local Golden Guernsey cream,… read more»