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BEST Ice Cream, Cape Cod

2007 BEST Ice Cream, Cape Cod

Sundae School

Harwich Port

Sundae School started as a mom-and-pop operation—and a reason for founders Paul and Andrea Endres, then living in Milton, to spend their summers on the Cape. Three decades and three stores later, it’s a full-time family affair (at some point,… read more»

2006 BEST Ice Cream, Cape Cod

Four Seas


Compared to, say, Ben & Jerry’s, the list of flavors at this Centerville favorite doesn’t seem particularly innovative. But Four Seas, which has been in business since 1934, was the first to come up with such then-brilliant ideas as adding… read more»

2004 BEST Ice Cream, Cape Cod

Sundae School


Cape Cod sometimes feels as though it’s sinking under the weight of its many ice cream shops, but Sundae School rises above with handmade, creamy flavors in such addictive permutations as espresso crunch, Kahlúa chip, and Bass River mud (coffee… read more»