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BEST Mexican Restaurant, affordable

2004 BEST Mexican Restaurant, Affordable

José’s Mexican Restaurant


If you find that the barmaid at this piñata-colored cantina doesn’t speak English, don’t worry—”margarita” is the same in any language. Friendly and laid-back, José’s draws a chatty family-type crowd from surrounding North Cambridge, from Harvard profs to techies. The… read more»

2003 BEST Mexican Restaurant, Affordable

Tu y Yo


The frills are few at the humble but festively colorful Tu y Yo, but none of that matters once you experience the authenticity of the expertly prepared food. Traditional family recipes are executed to perfection, from the shredded chicken breast… read more»

2000 BEST Mexican Restaurant, Affordable

Taqueria La Mexicana


Don’t let the hairnets scare you: This Union Square joint is the closest you’ll find to authentic Tex-Mex in Boston. It even saved one of our friends from moving back to the land of the Rio Grande. The red peppers… read more»