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BEST South End Restaurant, neighborhood

2012 BEST South End Restaurant, Neighborhood

Myers + Chang


In the South End, there are tons of fantastic bistros offering crisp glasses of wine and a charcuterie board to match. But when we want fireworks, we head to this funky diner, where quasi-traditional Asian dishes like tea-smoked spareribs and… read more »

2010 BEST South End Restaurant, Neighborhood



While many local restaurants have adopted upscale comfort food of late, Anchovies has always been both low-key and low-priced. Neighbors inhale the giant plates of pasta and hearty pizzas, along with their infamous ‘Italian nachos.’ It’s easy to get in… read more »

2009 BEST South End Restaurant, Neighborhood

Franklin Cafe


Just because a restaurant’s in the South End doesn’t mean it’s a South Ender’s restaurant (ahem, Stephi’s on Tremont). This place, however, is the real deal. The soul of Boston’s now-crowded foodie enclave since opening 12 years ago, the Franklin… read more »

2004 BEST South End Restaurant, Neighborhood

Joe V’s


It’s been less than a year since this unassuming Italian bistro took over the spot once occupied by On the Park, and Joe V’s has already shown that it can hold its own in a neighborhood crowded with great restaurants…. read more »

2003 BEST South End Restaurant, Neighborhood

The Nightingale


It’s not surprising that a restaurant as charming as the Nightingale should occupy a space that has been home to some of the South End’s most charmed restaurants (Hamersley’s Bistro and Geoffrey’s, to name just two). With its apple-green walls,… read more »

2002 BEST South End Restaurant, Neighborhood

Tremont 647


In a neighborhood chock-full of great places to eat, Tremont 647 stands out as the community hangout for dinner, not to mention for its wacky come-dressed-in-your-pajamas Sunday brunch. Locals flock here in droves for chef Andy Husbands’s menu of comfort… read more »