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Best Art Gallery

2006 Best Art Gallery, West

New Art Center

In Newton’s New Art Center classes, weekend collectors can ponder the age-old question—What Is Art?—then study the intriguing works showcased in the late-1800s Universalist church. […]
2006 Best Art Gallery, South

Sparrow House

The 17th and 21st centuries merge seamlessly in this part-museum, part-gallery that sits inside a Colonial-era landmark. Three times each season, Sparrow House holds free […]
2006 Best Art Gallery

Bernard Toale Gallery

Veteran art dealer Bernard Toale, formerly based in the Back Bay, relocated to Harrison Avenue back when SoWa was just a gleam in ambitious real […]
2006 Best Art Gallery, North

Alpers Fine Art

Owner Peter Alpers of six-year-old Alpers Fine Art sells paintings on a variety of backdrops (canvas, wood, Plexiglas) by an impressive stable of established artists […]