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BEST Brunch, West

2012 BEST Brunch, West

The Biltmore


With its shabby-chic dining room (mismatched old chairs, vintage ephemera), the Biltmore makes weekend mornings feel like brunch at Grandma’s. An indulgent grandma, that is. Yours probably didn’t serve Cap’n Crunch-coated French toast drizzled with warm vanilla icing, or whole-wheat… read more»

2011 BEST Brunch, West
Photograph by Jessica Scranton

Zaftigs West


Fancy-schmancy menus that focus more on mimosas than food? Feh. When we crave brunch, there’s no better place than Zaftigs West. Though the breakfast menu is offered all day — and night — our favorite time to gorge ourselves on… read more»

2007 BEST Brunch, West



While the handsome interior doesn’t exactly scream “eggs sunny-side up,” this New American favorite is fast winning over the Sunday brunch crowd. The broad menu leans more to the lunch side of the portmanteau; to satiate breakfast cravings, go for… read more»

2004 BEST Brunch, West

Johnny’s Luncheonette

Newton Centre

Long a local favorite, brunch at Johnny’s is worth the wait on the weekends—especially with kids in tow. The boisterous atmosphere, child-friendly menu, and vibrant retro décor would be worth a stop even without the incredible food. Our favorites: the… read more»