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BEST Chinese Restaurant

2014 BEST Chinese Restaurant

Taiwan Café


The brothy xiao long bao (or soup dumpling) has long been the darling of the food world. We get it, sure, but we’d also like to turn your attention to the Taiwanese pan-fried dumpling: a tubular, crisp-bottomed parcel with a… read more»

2013 BEST Chinese Restaurant

Jo Jo Taipei


Long before every trendy restaurant was putting pork-stuffed <em>bao</em> on the bar menu, this Allston stalwart was serving up a (perfectly) traditional version of the Taiwanese specialty: a fluffy steamed bun filled with shreds of tender pork, bitter mustard greens,… read more»

2012 BEST Chinese Restaurant, South

Sichuan Gourmet


It may look like any other suburban strip mall Chinese joint, but don’t let looks deceive you: The kung pao chicken, ma po tofu, and Chengdu spicy dumplings here are better than many of Chinatown’s offerings. Add in an order… read more»

2012 BEST Chinese Restaurant
Photograph by Anthony Tieuli

Jo Jo Taipei


One bite of this Allston beauty’s crisp, pillowy scallion-and-roast-beef pancakes, and you’ll never order those sad, green-flecked cardboard slabs from your local Chinese takeout joint again. Here, it’s all authentic Taiwanese dishes—like three-cup cuttlefish, spicy beef-noodle soup, and dry-cooked chicken… read more»

2011 BEST Chinese Restaurant, South

Sichuan Gourmet


Hidden behind this Chinese joint’s bland exterior you’ll find flavorful, expertly prepared dishes aplenty. Kung pao chicken and beef with broccoli come sans cornstarchy sauces, and the more authentic Szechwan far—like Chengdu spicy dumplings, and dried chicken with chili sauc—simply… read more»

2011 BEST Chinese Restaurant

Jojo Taipei


The finest Chinese around, it turns out, isn’t anywhere near Chinatown. JoJo specializes in Taiwanese cuisine, but there are enough options for every level of taste and bravery, from the traditional (pancake with scallion and roasted beef) to the adventurous… read more»

2009 BEST Chinese Restaurant



Chinese eateries have long been stuck between a wok and a hard place: hew to the Americanized hit parade, or risk alienating the crowds craving kung pao. Thankfully, a coup is afoot, with renegade restaurateurs positing fiery Szechwan as a… read more»

2008 BEST Chinese Restaurant

Mary Chung


Canny gastronomes make it a habit to trail MIT’s international students to the area’s top home-style Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latin American spots. So when we heard that Mary Chung was a hit with the grad students, we immediately set… read more»

2007 BEST Chinese Restaurant

New Jumbo Seafood


Last year a new owner added "New" to the name of this steadfastly excellent Chinatown joint. Happily, that appears to have been his only real change. The spicy salt calamari remains one of the city’s best takes on tricky-to-cook squid…. read more»

2006 BEST Chinese Restaurant

East Ocean City


A good gourmet always appreciates knowing where his food comes from. And at East Ocean City, where lobster, fish, shrimp, and king crab swim happily in large tanks before being plucked for your plate, it’s pretty obvious. The menu includes… read more»