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BEST Eyebrow Shaping

2008 BEST Eyebrow Shaping

Cindy Jensen, Studio 9


Trained in the school of Michaud, Jensen calls on her years as a makeup artist to deliver brows that enhance the whole face. Plucking, not waxing, allows for maximum precision. read more»

2007 BEST Eyebrow Shaping



Brow shaping may seem like a skill you can pick up from the average beauty mag. Alas—overplucked arches as our witness—it’s not. The pros at LuxLash advise clients on the style that will most flatter their face, and then use… read more»

2005 BEST Eyebrow Shaping

Michaud Cosmedix


No pain, no gain. At Michaud Cosmedix, the latter far outweighs the former as owner Julie Michaud and her aestheticians spend 30 minutes plucking your eyebrows one hair at a time. The result? Enviable arches that stay in shape much… read more»

2004 BEST Eyebrow Shaping

Julie Michaud, Michaud Cosmedix


Makeup artist Julie Michaud’s devotees swear she can do more wonders for the face than all the Botox injections in the world. Her emphasis: clean, graceful lines and a sense of subtle shape and natural coloring that can transform even… read more»

2003 BEST Eyebrow Shaping, West

Elena Vyunskovskaya, Blue


A good brow specialist can change a face. Elena Vyunskovskaya can do it in a few minutes. And while her consultations are unhurried and attentive, her hands are mercifully quick when it comes to wax. The result? Perfectly arched, symmetrical… read more»

2003 BEST Eyebrow Shaping

Julie Michaud


If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, do yourself a favor and let brow virtuoso Julie Michaud hold the tweezers. Her sense of shape and color are perfect on every brow, and her insistence on a clean line… read more»

2002 BEST Eyebrow Shaping

Julie Michaud, Michaud Cosmetics


A good eyebrow artist can change your face, but a great one can change your world. Part therapist, part girlfriend, and all parts godsend, Julie Michaud is Boston’s arch angel. Her minimum-pain tweezing sessions—peppered with good gossip, health factoids, and… read more»

2001 BEST Eyebrow Shaping

Julie Michaud, Michaud Cosmetics


The team at Michaud Cosmetics has brow shaping down to a fine art. Errant strays are whisked away, and the brow is coaxed into movie star-perfect arches. Though the artists here prefer to pluck, they will wax on request. Just… read more»

1999 BEST Eyebrow Shaping

Jully Michaud, Michaud Cosmetics


Michaud’s been painting models’ faces for more than a decade but recently opened a studio to cater to the masses. She’s a plucker, not a waxer, and has raised the eyebrows of many a Bostonian. She’ll also teach you how… read more»