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BEST Hair Colorist

2008 BEST Hair Colorist, Red

Tasha Forgash, Shag

South Boston

Forgash’s rich hues are funky enough for a Friday night at the Paradise, yet sufficiently polished to pass muster with the boss on Monday morning. What’s best: It lasts. read more»

2007 BEST Hair Colorist

Jeffrey Lyle


Once we were commitment-shy (dare we say promiscuous?) when it came to hair colorists—one specialist after another, never settling down. Then we met Lyle, and it was love at first highlight. While especially skillful at brightening blondes, he’s made our… read more»

2007 BEST Hair Colorist, Corrective

Ann Sousa


After hours in the chair and a few hundred bucks, your color had better be perfect. Sadly, that’s not always how the story ends. And when a dye goes awry, it feels nothing short of disaster. Sousa will survey the… read more»

2006 BEST Hair Colorist

G Spa


Ever wonder how Brahmin blondes maintain their flaxen hair? It isn’t nature they have to thank: They frequent G Spa, where veteran stylist Jeffrey Lyle works his magic. Tucked into a tiny two-chair area, Lyle confers with his trainees—’she’s a… read more»

2006 BEST Hair Colorist, Corrective

Christine Moore, Umi Salon


Ladies, cancel your lunch appointments: Color correction is no 10-minute miracle. Plan to spend at least a few hours in Christine Moore’s chair while she analyzes the look you were going for, and what went horribly wrong; she’ll detail the… read more»

2005 BEST Hair Colorist

Michael Albor, M


Getting an appointment with Albor may take months, but it’s well worth the wait. Devoted clients rave about his charismatic chair-side manner and uncanny ability to turn the mousiest of browns into gorgeous shades of chestnut, mahogany, or golden blond…. read more»

2005 BEST Hair Colorist, Corrective

Jeffrey Jagling, Grettacole


It’s sad, but true: Highlights take their toll on tired tresses, and dye jobs gone awry take months to grow out. Thankfully, Jagling is a pro at instantly erasing unseemly streaks and reversing regrettable color. Ladies who can’t resist the… read more»

2004 BEST Hair Colorist, West

Nick Penna Jr., Salon Capri


One part science, five parts high art, hair coloring is a sensitive subject to most women. And while a good color job looks as if it happened naturally, few (if any) natural heads of hair are as richly colored and… read more»

2004 BEST Hair Colorist

Roger Plourde, James Joseph Salon


Roger Plourde gives humanity what nature didn’t, from born-with-it blond highlights to look-at-me strawberry luster. Sure, he’s up on the latest color trends and can certainly let fly if you want that. But foremost, Plourde works to give you exactly… read more»

2004 BEST Hair Colorist, Corrective

Laurel Elliot, Vidal Sassoon Salon


Hair color is like a fine wine—richly layered and smooth. But unlike a delicious pinot noir, it doesn’t get better with time (especially when it turns a shade too brassy, gray, or ashy). Laurel Elliot can take color that has… read more»