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Best Haircut, Women's

2015 Best Haircut, Women's

Kara Hurston, Shag

South Boston
Some cuts are simply about lopping off split ends, and some happen because you spotted a stranger with such incredible hair, you just had to […] read more»
2014 Best Haircut, Women's

Michelle Lee, Salon Eva Michelle

When we showed Michelle Lee our hair inspiration—a shot of actress Kate Mara’s chic and shaggy shoulder-length bob—she nodded knowingly and got to work. As […] read more»
2011 Best Haircut, Women's

Brian Rand, Trephin

There are stylists whose names are plastered on salon windows. There are stylists who charge $400 a cut. And then there’s the quietly brilliant Rand, […] read more»
2005 Best Haircut, Women's

Patrick McGinley, Vidal Sassoon Salon

Patrick McGinley knows women’s hair. The longtime creative director of Vidal Sassoon on upper Newbury Street has an instinct for sculpting even the most hard-to-manage […] read more»
2004 Best Haircut, Women's

Dirk Diegel, Vidal Sassoon

It takes time for a hairstylist to earn your trust—time that is measured in inch-long increments. Dirk Diegel instantly inspires confidence with his careful, studied, […] read more»
2003 Best Haircut, Women's

Dean Boudreau, Beaucage Salon

Balancing flattery with innovation isn’t easy in the hair world: Too many stylists lean toward either ho-hum cuts that bring out a client’s best features […] read more»