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BEST Health Club

2012 BEST Health Club

Total Performance Sports


Pro athletes, cops, Harvard professors, and grandmas join this hard-core Everett gym to get stronger, faster, and better. With three levels filled with Olympic weight-lifting platforms, boxing bags, and kettlebells, the intensity can be intimidating at first—this isn’t a chichi… read more»

2011 BEST Health Club

Sports Club/LA


It’s the kind of gym we hate to love: full of people who put on makeup and hair gel before they work out, and packed with fluffy extras like a roof deck, spa, salon, and bar. (Yes, bar.) But dangit… read more»

2011 BEST Health Club, West

Bosse Sports


Founded by South African tennis pro D. J. Bosse, this club dominates the local high-end fitness circuit. The 160,000-square-foot complex offers all the usual equipment, plus classes, tennis courts, a golf range, a pool, and a rock wall. Add in… read more»

2008 BEST Health Club

Equinox Fitness


In the year since the high-end New York chain opened a location in the Back Bay, Bostonians have been flocking to this ideal spa-gym hybrid. The sleek, inviting space holds not only the latest fitness equipment, but also studios for… read more»

2007 BEST Health Club

Sports Club/LA


For gym rats who take their sweating seriously, the Sports Club/LA is as type A as its notably toned clientele. Some 114,000 square feet of equipment, including more than 150 cardio machines, means rare is the occasion that you’re forced… read more»

2005 BEST Health Club

The Sports Club/LA


When is a workout more than just a workout? When it comes complete with a steam bath, sauna, swimming pool, nutritionist, and plush towels in an even plusher locker room. The Sports Club/LA has all of this, plus top-of-the-line equipment… read more»

2004 BEST Health Club

The Sports Club/LA


Still the poshest place in town to break a sweat, the Sports Club/LA is much more than a meeting place for the wealthy and healthy. Every gym has rows of equipment and a fitness staff, but only the Sports Club/LA… read more»

2003 BEST Health Club

The Sports Club/LA


The Sports Club/LA has staked its claim as the city’s most exclusive urban country club. Members have full use of the seemingly countless treadmills, free weights, basketball and squash courts, and swimming pool, not to mention spinning, yoga, and Pilates… read more»

2001 BEST Health Club, West



What makes HealthPoint the in this crowded category? Three stories of windows overlooking an evergreen thicket, plenty of trainers on the floor at any given moment, an astonishingly clean pool, and a top-condition track. The cherrywood lockers in the dressing… read more»

1999 BEST Health Club

Boston Athletic Club


By far the most complete facility in the Hub. A South Station shuttle totes the club’s downtown professional clientele to its palatial Summer Street facility; a kiddie gym takes care of the little ones while parents pump up; and a… read more»