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Best Jewelry, West

2012 Best Jewelry, West

Adamas Fine Jewelry

Sibling-owners Anto Aboyan and Veronica Sagherian are well known for their team’s fresh designs and ability to turn vintage gems and family heirlooms into wearable […] read more»
2008 Best Jewelry, West

Alex & Co.

The way it wriggles off a finger or pops out of its setting, you’d think jewelry had a mind of its own—one that knows how […] read more»
2007 Best Jewelry, West

Adamas Fine Jewelry

A lot of shops like to label themselves “jeweler to the stars,” even though the stars in question turn out to be C-listers with a […] read more»
2005 Best Jewelry, West

Long’s Jewelers

Sometimes bigger really is better. Or so it is at Long’s, where a huge array of high-end jewels by such top-name designers as Di Modolo, […] read more»
2004 Best Jewelry, West

Euro Design Jewelry

The elegant baubles of Euro Design fall somewhere between the Old World and the New—and by that we do not mean they were dropped in […] read more»