Best of Boston


2008 BEST Rugs

Yayla Tribal Rugs


The more time spent scouring the mazelike piles of carpets inside Yayla, the more treasures are unearthed. The cavernous warehouse and its basement are crammed with sumptuous vegetable-dyed rugs hand-worked by weavers in Afghanistan, Iran, India, and Turkey, and uniquely… read more»

2007 BEST Rugs

Landry and Arcari


The qualities you seek in a fine rug, it could be argued, are not unlike those you might seek in a mate: Rich. Good-looking. Well traveled. If that’s the case, your heart’s desire awaits at Landry and Arcari. How about… read more»

2006 BEST Rugs

Landry & Arcari


Rugs lay the groundwork for a great room, but we’ve all been guilty of flooring faux pas. (Come on: Someone snapped up those geometric print ’80s carpets.) Landry & Arcari has hundreds of timeless rugs. Choose from antique, Tibetan, traditional,… read more»

1996 BEST Rugs, Remnants, High-End

Faber Rug


This multigenerational family business in Wellesley Center has beautiful selection of wall-to-wall, but the real deals are found on its second floor, where there’s a wide selection of high-end remnants such as wool Bebers, imported patterned wool carpets, and high-quality… read more»