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Best Seafood Restaurant

2007 Best Seafood Restaurant

B&G Oysters

If hyperfresh seafood is the sole requirement, Legal and McCormick can deliver the same still-quivering quality for a few clams less. It takes a hypertalented […]
2007 Best Seafood Restaurant, Affordable

The Summer Shack

Whether you order up one of the beautifully done basics—steamed lobster, Boston scrod—or a special like grilled wild striped bass, you’ll have ample cash left […]
2007 Best Seafood Restaurant, South

Jake’s Seafoods Restaurant & Market

Where local seafood is concerned, we’re of the keep-it-real ilk. And Jake’s does just that, with heaps of just-netted steamers, light-as-a-feather fried filets, and lobsters […]