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BEST Wedding Florist

2017 BEST Wedding Florist

Forêt Design Studio

As floral trends evolve, no one has answered the call for nature-inspired and greenery-infused arrangements like Rose Mattos and Erin Heath. From a windswept delphinium archway to a cascading bohemian-style bouquet, their organic pieces seem sculpted, not just assembled. In… read more»

2016 BEST Wedding Florist



After years spent creating the tight, modern arrangements favored by couples of the early aughts, Teresa Fung’s style pendulum recently swung back to the “wild, organic, tangled” look she’d been spotting at West Coast weddings. Embracing this more-relaxed philosophy, Fung… read more»

2015 BEST Wedding Florist

Orly Khon Floral


Industrial chic. Richly bohemian. Romantic and fresh. Orly Khon, formerly of Tangerine Creations, can weave a floral theme for any romance—blooms springing from driftwood, succulents beneath glass cloches, blossom chains. She’s also a weather watcher, keeping track of how our… read more»