Best of Boston

BEST Ice Cream

1984 BEST Ice Cream



In a quiet, understated way. Try the gingersnap molasses. read more»

1984 BEST Ice Cream, Drink, Alcoholic

Frozen margarita at J.C. Hillary’s


Made with lime sherbet. read more»

1983 BEST Ice Cream



The original Steve is back, and he’s better than ever. Best bets: chocolate pudding and banana. read more»

1982 BEST Ice Cream, When You're Tired of Steve's



A newcomer, perhaps our Rookie of the Year. read more»

1980 BEST Ice Cream



Another perennial. read more»

1980 BEST Ice Cream, Sundae



Do-it-yourself, with ice cream almost as good and just as fresh as Steve’s. read more»

1979 BEST Ice Cream



Herren of Steve’s Ice Cream has won this award. But Steve has sold Steve’s to Joey Crugnale, who owns Joey’s. And Joey is putting a bit more effort into Joey’s than he is into Steve’s (also, the lines at Joey’s… read more»

1978 BEST Ice Cream

Caffee Pompei

North End

Real gelati, soft, dense, and opalescent, in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and banana. The pistachio is magnificent. read more»

1977 BEST Ice Cream

Pinecroft Dairy

Straight from the cow to you. The only way you can get ice cream any fresher is to leave a Guernsey out in a snowstorm. We recommend peppermint patty and blueberry royale. Open from May 1 to September 30 only. read more»

1975 BEST Ice Cream

Kelley’s Homemade Ice Cream, Ice Cream Factory

Boston, Brookline

Fred’s Ice Cream Shop on Charles Street was too good—it blew up. Now, Kelley’s Homemade Ice Cream, 156 Cambridge St., and the Ice Cream Factory, 1663 Beacon St., Brookline, are competing for first-place honors. The city’s ice cream connoisseurs win. read more»