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BEST Waxing

2017 BEST Waxing, Bikini

Exhale Back Bay


We’ll admit, a bikini wax is not the most enjoyable reason to visit Exhale’s pristine Arlington Street outpost—but the spa’s serene vibes, privacy-ensuring labyrinthine layout, and fully stocked locker rooms make an, ahem, hair-raising visit as bearable as humanly possible…. read more»

2016 BEST Waxing, Bikini



Let’s face it: Bikini waxes aren’t fun. At best, you’re scraped and chiseled as quickly and painlessly as possible. Enter Bliss, at the W hotel. The experienced (and understanding) technicians start with a soothing rose-and-chamomile cleanser before applying a layer… read more»

2014 BEST Waxing, Bikini

European Wax Center

Let’s get one thing straight: A bikini wax is not a spa treatment. We’re here to break the news that a wax requires—above all else—cleanliness and precision. That’s how it is at European Wax Center: Employees wear medical scrubs, and… read more»

2013 BEST Waxing

Emily Payne, Bliss


Bikini waxing is like (repeatedly) sitting on a tack, naked, as a stranger watches. Aside from the mind-numbing pain, the experience is just embarrassing. Emily Payne has seen—and waxed—it all, and her calm demeanor and unique technique for the, um,… read more»

2012 BEST Waxing, Bikini



This spa eases the awkwardness of down-there waxing right from the start: Simply point to a style on the chart of nether-region hairdos and sink back onto the padded table. Lead aesthetician Emily Payne softens her all-business bedside manner with… read more»

2011 BEST Waxing

Karen Golden Skin Care


While some beauty pros are notable for what they add to your look, Golden stands out for what she takes off: untamed hair, wherever it may lurk. With extreme precision and a good azulene wax, she restores beauty and order… read more»

2010 BEST Waxing

Caterina Sorrenti, Rina’s Studio


The Newbury Street veteran’s solo endeavor in Newtonville is a study in making the best of a painful (and often embarrassing) salon service. Caterina Sorrenti keeps Rina’s Studio obsessively clean (no double-dipping applicators here). She’s thorough, too, though she gets… read more»

2009 BEST Waxing

Leila Garczynski, Exhale


When testing this category, one might expect things to get a little uncomfortable. But unsanitary? Thanks, but no thanks! (In truth, some of the most pain-free waxes weve ever had were disqualified because of sketchy hygieneas in, double-dipping wax from… read more»

2008 BEST Waxing, Bikini

Alison Braverman, Etant


Chatty and lightning-quick, the self-described perfectionist will put you at ease, show you how to breathe, and get you (and every last one of your strays) out of there before you can say “frog position.” read more»

2008 BEST Waxing

Katherine Silva, Beaucage


No matter the crevice or curve, unwanted hair has nowhere to hide from this ultrathorough aesthetician. Silva tailors her attack: hard wax for certain hair types, strips for others—for pristine, and virtually painless, results. read more»