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BEST Wedding Photographer

2017 BEST Wedding Photographer

Lisa Rigby Photography

Every wedding has its own unique story. And Lisa Rigby, with backgrounds in professional writing and art history, knows just how to tell it. Her work has a cinematic quality that transcends traditional documentary-style photography, capturing expressions full of emotion… read more»

2016 BEST Wedding Photographer

Cambria Grace

Memories fade, but photographs last forever. Thankfully, you can trust Cambria Grace to be everywhere you are and everywhere you can’t be on your wedding day. The Boston shutterbug’s camera is like an invited friend, bringing unparalleled intimacy to every… read more»

2015 BEST Wedding Photographer

Kate McElwee

Enthusiasm, thy name is Kate. Just one look at this shutterbug’s standout portfolio and you’ll be giddy. McElwee is adept at capturing the big day’s subtle, playful side—a bride’s reflection in her groom’s glasses, a surprise twirl during the first… read more»

2014 BEST Wedding Photographer

Corinna Raznikov Photography


The love in this fine-art photographer’s wedding shots is palpable—here, a groom dips and kisses his bride on a snowy rooftop; there, a pair holds hands as they traipse through the ferns at a backyard reception. The occasion helps, of… read more»

2008 BEST Wedding Photographer

Brian Phillips Photography

You’ll never have an “I’m going to kill him!” moment with Phillips. The one-time Associated Press shutterbug has shot such heady assignments as New York Fashion Week, but is just as excited to photography newlyweds smooching. Impressively unobtrusive and down-to-earth,… read more»

2013 BEST Wedding Photographer

Lisa Rigby Photography

It’s a good thing that Lisa Rigby ditched a decade-long career in corporate communications for a camera. She has a true gift for capturing all the moments that make a celebration unique: friends and family kicking off a wedding day… read more»

2012 BEST Wedding Photographer

Person + Killian


Forced poses, gowns on hangers, group jumping — after a while, all wedding photos start to look the same. Not so when Jill Person and Lauren Killian are behind the lens. With a focus on atypical angles that capture the… read more»

2011 BEST Wedding Photographer

Hitched Studios


In a perfect world, your wedding photographer would be an ace professional and your best friend. In the real world, superduo Tara Morris and Ben Wight come pretty darn close. The pleasant pair transcend the typical shutterbug-client relationship not only… read more»

2007 BEST Wedding Photographer

Tirado Photography


After the plates have been cleared and the last floral arrangement spirited away, what remains of the wedding day is the photos. Couples who entrust these all-important mementos to husband-and-wife team Rene and Melissa Tirado get an album’s worth of… read more»

2006 BEST Wedding Photographer

Scott Levine, the Studio


Despite all your preparations (and no thanks to the open bar) no one will recall the details until the photos arrive. And while shots of Uncle Leo’s Electric Slide are always entertaining, you don’t really need them in your album…. read more»