Best of Boston

BEST Chinese Restaurant

2004 BEST Chinese Restaurant

Peach Farm


Check the specials before ordering at Peach Farm—the seafood is always right from the tank, the clams in black bean sauce taste fresh from the sea, and the lobster with ginger and scallions is the stuff Cantonese dreams are made… read more »

2003 BEST Chinese Restaurant, South

Beijing House Restaurant


Chef Kwok Cheng’s specialties include most of the usual suspects (lemon chicken, Dragon and Phoenix, the ubiquitous Family Delight), but Beijing House is much more Chinatown than anonymous suburban strip mall. The spring rolls, always the first and surest sign… read more »

2003 BEST Chinese Restaurant

New Shanghai Restaurant


Sure, you’ll find General Gau’s chicken, lo mein, fried rice, and other Chinatown favorites on New Shanghai’s endless menu, but it’s unexpected details like a decent wine list, polished flatware, and cloth napery that sets this restaurant apart. Not to… read more »

2002 BEST Chinese Restaurant

Taiwan Café


Taiwan Café’s light-as-a-feather handmade pan-fried dumplings, delicious tilapia braised with scallions and spicy bean curd, or garlicky sautéed watercress are a welcome change from the heavy-handed dishes found at many joints in Chinatown. And they’re only a few of the… read more »

2001 BEST Chinese Restaurant

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant


On any given night you’ll find some of the city’s top chefs here after work with chopsticks waving. The eight water tanks filled with live seafood make fish and shellfish obvious choices. Crispy calamari with jalapeño peppers go down like… read more »

2000 BEST Chinese Restaurant

Jumbo Seafood


It stands to reason that seafood is the speciality of the house at this bright little spot near the Chinatown gate. To wit: The restaurant is decorated with tanks of live fish, lobsters, eels, crabs, and shrimp. The atmosphere itself… read more »

1999 BEST Chinese Restaurant

New Shanghai


Nestled near the Chinatown gate, New Shanghai is, literally and figuratively, a step up from its neighbors. The decor is passable—it won’t depress you like some Chinese restaurants, and there’s a colorful fish tank in front—but the food is truly… read more »

1998 BEST Chinese Restaurant

Grand Chau Chow


No matter whom we ask, Grand Chau Chow is the first place people mention for authentic Chinese fare. In addition to such adventurous dishes as Fish Head with Ginger and Scallions and Braised Duck Feet with Oyster Sauce, you’ll find… read more »

1997 BEST Chinese Restaurant

Grand Chau Chow


Don’t let the illusion of space from the many mirrors fool you—Chinatown’s Grand Chau Chow, at least from the perspective of room to move, is not much grander than the original Chau Chow, its lower-rent sister across the street. The… read more »

1996 BEST Chinese Restaurant, Suburban

Lotus Blossom


Why is this parking lot so crowded? Why are they three-deep at the register, picking up huge bags of takeout? Could be the great shrimp with pineapple, the fantastic Grab Rangoon, the ever-popular General Gao’s Chicken or the best Peking… read more »