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BEST Fish Market

2000 BEST Fish Market

Legal Sea Foods


Everyone knows the motto—”If it isn’t fresh, it isn’t legal”—but did you know that Legal Sea Foods actually started out 50 years ago as a seafood company, not the chain of restaurants we think of today? In keeping with that… read more»

1998 BEST Fish Market

Captain Marden’s Seafoods


This is the place where restaurants like Hamersley’s and Biba get their fish. It does retail, too, and you can shop from the Captain’s Wellesley market or pick up dinner from its take-away restaurant. Captain Marden’s Seafoods proves there are… read more»

1996 BEST Fish Market

Morse Fish Company


Fish so fresh, so beautiful, and so inexpensive. The staff is helpful and the selection always top-quality. read more»

1995 BEST Fish Market

New Deal Fish Market


The many Japanese customers attest to the sushi-quality freshness of the fish. An excellent selection of sardines, tuna, mahi-mahi, squid, swordfish, salmon, haddock, halibut, monkfish, octopus, striped bass, snapper, jack, spade, and sole (filleted upon request). read more»

1992 BEST Fish Market

Wulf’s Fish Market


Boston Magazine‘s test, conducted by the National Marine Fisheries Service, confirmed what we’ve known all along. Wulf’s—still the best! read more»

1991 BEST Fish Market

Legal Sea Foods retail outlets

Day in and day out, all year round, the most dependable source for high-quality fresh flappers and crustaceans. And the frozen fish stock is excellent for making your own soups at home. read more»

1989 BEST Fish Market

Wulf’s Fish Market


Fish don’t come any fresher than at Wulf’s, unless you catch them yourself. And we would rather let them clean and fillet the fish anyway. They do it better than anyone. read more»

1988 BEST Fish Market



The fish is fresh, and so are the mongers, who slice the orders. read more»

1979 BEST Fish Market

Charles G. Crones


Crone’s father began the J.A. Sanborn Company forty-nine years ago at 28 Merchants Row (next door to Quincy Market), and it’s still flourishing. “We go out of our way to buy the best,” Crones told us. “We buy whole fish… read more»

1977 BEST Fish Market

Yankee Trader Seafoods

Scituate Harbor

The aquatic critters sold here are fresh enough to bite back. Also highly recommended: The Davis Square Fish Market & Sea Grill at 27 Holland St. in Sommerville, more a lunch counter than a real market, serves a big variety… read more»