Best of Boston

BEST Florist

2004 BEST Florist

Ilex Designs


There are floral bouquets, and then there is floral art. Ilex is in the latter category, orchestrating fields full of fresh blooms—luminescent calla lilies with orchids and fluffy penoes with full-petaled, butter-hued French tulips. Even the simplest of arrangements are… read more»

2003 BEST Florist

Artemisia Floral Studio


Floral innovation is in full bloom at Artemisia, the downtown showcase for arrangements that run from delicately tied bundles of tiny daisies to huge, sweeping bunches of irises, roses, and lilies. Exquisite, spare designs—say, planted hyacinths, pussywillows, and roses—are a… read more»

2003 BEST Florist, South

Karen Lee Flowers


It’s easy to spot a Karen Lee—from classic bouquets of tightly packed peony blossoms, pale roses, hydrangeas, and trailing white-flecked ivy to bold centerpieces that slam together bright magentas, oranges, and fiery reds. With her keen eye for light and… read more»

2003 BEST Florist, West

Winston Flowers


The only thing more beautiful than the vibrant, fresh flowers at any of this local chain’s locations are the spectacular arrangements, which are delivered with care, in-state or out. Count on Winston’s designers to create the perfect arrangement for any… read more»

2002 BEST Florist

A Wild Flower


From exotic to humble, unbelievably fresh to artfully dried, Charlestown’s homegrown bud boutique treats its flowers like delicate children—and its customers like old friends. First, the blooms: Gerbera daisies that radiate like hot sunbursts, bright delphinium, and roses in hues… read more»

2001 BEST Florist

Charles Street Flowers


If only all of life were as impeccable and seamless as it is inside these doors. We’re talking nearly across-the-board perfection—blooms meticulously cared for and healthy enough to live more than a week; a selection that includes everything from puffy… read more»

2001 BEST Florist, West

Winston Flowers


Yes, it’s a chain. But our search for comparable quality and variety in the area always leads us back here. Visit the artfully arranged shop in person and you’ll come face to face with bushels of oversized dahlias, silky long-stemmed… read more»

2000 BEST Florist

Charles Street Flowers


This is the kind of place where Harry might have stopped to buy a bunch for Sally. The look and feel of Charles Street Flowers is old Boston, as is much of the clientele—but the shop serves its share of… read more»

1999 BEST Florist

Winston Flowers


This shop has an uncanny ability to turn a bunch of flowers and a glass vase into an elegant centerpiece. Fresh, enduring flowers; dependable service; and most important, the artistic sensibility that sets these floral decorators apart. read more»

1998 BEST Florist, Exotic

Lotus Designs


This is a florist that elevates blooms to a cultural experience. Breath-stopping bouquets mix long-stemmed red roses amid tall birds of paradise and other flowers selected fresh daily. Owner Jimmie Palakavong is a native of Thailand and his early immersion… read more»