Best of Boston

BEST Florist

1998 BEST Florist, Street

The Dutch Flower Garden


You can’t walk by without looking twice. The cascade of color beckons from the pavement, and spontaneity pays. For the romantic gesture of the moment, or a few blooms to grace your dinner table, pick a few posies by the… read more»

1997 BEST Florist

Winston Flowers


For a simple bouquet of wildflowers or an intricate centerpiece for your wedding, Winston wins. It stocks everything from the freshest cut stems to topiaries and potted plants, and its various locations and delivery services add bonus points for convenience. read more»

1996 BEST Florist, Bargain



Okay, so they don’t have the largest selection in town, but they do have beautiful fresh flowers at half price on Saturdays, making it affordable to always have lots around the house. read more»

1995 BEST Florist, Street

Milk Street Florist


Shoppers in Downtown Crossing know that no trip back to the office is complete without a stop at Milk Street for a bunch of cut-rate tulips, a spray of freesia, or a bouquet of peonies. Great prices, great selection, and… read more»

1995 BEST Florist, Wildflower Source

The Garden in the Woods

North Framingham

Don’t dig up that lady’s slipper! Come to the annual June plant sale at Garden in the Woods for wildflowers you can take home without fear of eradicating an endangered species. While the June sale is the largest, wildflowers are… read more»

1995 BEST Florist

Dutch Flower Garden


Not only did the Dutch Flower Garden have the speediest delivery, but they also used the most varied flowers of all the contenders. Our expert horticultural judges were impressed by the range of flowers, noting that many were common in… read more»

1994 BEST Florist

Bunker Hill Florist


If you want posies that impress, Bunker Hill Florist can be relied upon to do it with elegance and style. read more»

1990 BEST Florist

Rouvalis Flowers


Gorgeous, fresh, to-die-for flowers. Witty, tasteful arrangements. read more»

1986 BEST Florist

Blooming Affairs


Breathtaking arrangements and personable service. read more»

1985 BEST Florist

Blooming Affairs


Single stems and bouquets with one big plus: they last. read more»