Best of Boston

BEST Health Club

1999 BEST Health Club

Boston Athletic Club


By far the most complete facility in the Hub. A South Station shuttle totes the club’s downtown professional clientele to its palatial Summer Street facility; a kiddie gym takes care of the little ones while parents pump up; and a… read more»

1995 BEST Health Club

Boston Athletic Club


Boston doesn’t yet have that one great health club, but in the meantime, BAC is the best thing in town. There are basketball, tennis, racquetball, and squash courts galore, not to mention the basics such as Nautilus and aerobics. It… read more»

1994 BEST Health Club, Glamorous Clientele

Le Pli


Picture a health club—a spa, rather—whose members have the time and leisure to follow up their step class with highlighting and a pedicure. The G-string leotards look great; the fur coats are real. read more»

1994 BEST Health Club, Place to Bring Kids

Longfellow Sports Club


At Longfellow, childcare does not mean dumping your toddler in a playpen. The club offers day caps (ages 5 to 12) where elementary-age children can play ball games, run, or read. In addition the club specializes in birthday parties. Your… read more»

1994 BEST Health Club, Membership Deal

YMCA of Greater Boston, Central Branch


Yes, we know it’s the Y. But you can’t beat a nonprofit organization for inexpensive dues, and the Huntington Avenue YMCA has more amenities—and a more interesting clientele—than most gyms in the area. read more»

1994 BEST Health Club, Pickup Scene

Cambridge Racquet and Fintess Club


Play high-speed racquetball or share the Gravitron with your crush, who is probably competitively athletic and making good money at Lotus or one of the other high-tech companies in the neighborhood. Then schmooze in the Jacuzzi or share an intimate… read more»

1989 BEST Health Club

The Mount Auburn


They’ve got everything—tennis, swimming, and aerobics—to make less of you. read more»

1988 BEST Health Club, Upscale

Le Pli


A pool, an aerobics program, a gym, and personal trainers for Cantabridgians who want to stay trim in style. read more»

1987 BEST Health Club, Preppy

Tennis and Racquet Club


Since its face-lift, this is also the plushest place in town. read more»

1985 BEST Health Club

The Boston Athletic Club


Has it all under one roof. read more»