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BEST Movie Theater

2016 BEST Movie Theater, West

Lexington Venue


In a world of plush megaplexes with cushy seats and cocktails, there’s still room for classic cinemas like Lexington Venue, with its healthy mix of indie flicks and new releases. Screen your movie of choice, then stroll to Rancatore’s for… read more»

2016 BEST Movie Theater, South

Loring Hall Cinema


No modern frills at this decades-old theater, just good old-fashioned movie-going fun. A spot in the balcony will give you the stadium height you’re used to in more-modern auditoriums, but with a bonus taste of nostalgia. read more»

2016 BEST Movie Theater, North

Showcase Cinema De Lux


Reclining leather seats that are roomy enough to avoid kicking or being kicked, in-seat finer dining (with wine!), and 4-D theaters that let audiences move, shake, and smell along with the film—this De Lux lives up to its name. That… read more»