Best of Boston

BEST Movie Theater

1980 BEST Movie Theater, First-Run, Out-of-Town

Community Playhouse

Wellesley Hills

An artifact preserved from a halcyon bygone era. read more»

1979 BEST Movie Theater

Coolidge Corner Cinema


Owner Justin Free used to run the Orson Welles in the good old days. Now he’s in charge of this gem of a flick place. Great double bills (Performance and Mean Streets, for example), comfortable streets, cut-rate matinees, and the… read more»

1978 BEST Movie Theater, Popcorn

Orson Welles


Old-fashioned popcorn to go with old-fashioned movies. They pop it right before your eyes, and you salt it to your taste. read more»

1978 BEST Movie Theater

Exeter Street Theatre


read more»

1977 BEST Movie Theater



David O. Selznick would have been comfortable in this rococo gilt-and-plaster movie house. Unfortunately, given the roster of films that play there, the architecture is much more diverting than the show. read more»

1974 BEST Movie Theater


Its turn-of-the-century elegance makes most of Ben Sack’s sterile movie picture palaces look like isolation wards. read more»