Best of Boston

BEST Sandwich

1983 BEST Sandwich, Hot Pastrami



Traditional and reliable. read more»

1981 BEST Sandwich



Celery rémoulade, ratatouille, brie, and imported meats are all part of the standard fare. read more»

1980 BEST Sandwich, Made-to-Order



Their bread might well be the best, too, and the fillings—from pâté to spiced chicken salad—are excellent. read more»

1978 BEST Sandwich

Croutes au Fromage at Swiss Alps


Crusty French bread is soaked in dry white wine, covered with slabs of Swiss and Gruyere, and baked; it sizzles to your table with a fried egg aboard. read more»

1977 BEST Sandwich, Eggplant Grinder

Natick Pizza Palace


<p>Spyridon Ganas’s breaded, cheesed, and fried eggplant topped with pepper and provolone and baked in a crisp sub roll is worth the trip. Eleven inches of vegetarian junk food for $1.50.</p> <p>Until the end of the month, when it closes… read more»

1976 BEST Sandwich, Submarine

Ray’s Submarine Sandwich Shop


Each time Ray makes a sub, Earl Butz announces a national shortage of deli meats. Big! You’d better believe it. But surprisingly expensive. read more»

1975 BEST Sandwich, Submarine



As everyone knows, Everett is the home of the American sub, and Angelina’s is the place that sub-lovers come to. The Jumbo feeds three Bruins or six normal human beings, and comes in a variety of octanesyou get to pick… read more»

1974 BEST Sandwich, Reuben

Ha’Penny Pub


Layers of beef and bread united in taste with melted rich cheese. read more»

1974 BEST Sandwich, Subs

Yellow Submarine


Yellow Submarine, convenient to Beacon Hill, might look like just another greasy spoon, but don’t be fooled by appearances. The subs are superb. read more»