Best of Boston

BEST Shoe Repair

2002 BEST Shoe Repair

Ares Shoe Repair


Not since Beacon Hill was a colonial settlement has Charles Street produced a shop so obsessed with top-quality workmanship. The scents of oil and leather waft from behind this small counter, overseen by a conscientious, kind, and fast-working staff that… read more»

2001 BEST Shoe Repair

Santacross Distinctive Shoe Service


Larger and cleaner than the average cobble shop, Santacross makes shoes better than new every time. No repair work—heel replacement, restitching, waterproofing—is beyond the ability of the affable, helpful employees. What’s more, they dole out morsels of wisdom on shoe… read more»

2000 BEST Shoe Repair

Alex’s Shoe Service


Been missing truly great customer service in your life? Here’s some advice: Take an old or broken pair of shoes to Alexander’s. This family-owned business takes pride in its work, whether it’s making the new red high heels you bought… read more»

1995 BEST Shoe Repair

Ares Shoe Repair


Boston streets are hell on heels. Case in point: the heel of a favorite Stephane Kelian pump, chewed by cobblestones. But Ares came to the rescue. After its ministrations, we couldn’t even tell which heel had been broken. read more»

1994 BEST Shoe Repair

Rinaldi’s Shoe Repair


Several shops rejected our ripped Ferragamo pump as unsalvageable, but the guys at Rinaldi’s said, “We’ll do a good job.” And they did. read more»

1993 BEST Shoe Repair

Frank and Pete’s Shoe Repair


An old-fashioned shop with polish—literally. When they do sole and heel work, they polish your shoes at no extra charge. read more»

1990 BEST Shoe Repair

Waban Shoe Repair


A cobbler worthy of fairy-tale stardom. read more»

1987 BEST Shoe Repair

Louis Shoe Service


Fast, courteous service, impeccable work. Why can’t someone fix cars this well? read more»

1984 BEST Shoe Repair

Rinaldi’s Shoe Repairing


They resurrect everything from Guccis to Keds, and the price is right, too. read more»

1981 BEST Shoe Repair



Tie one on. read more»