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BEST Wedding Coordinator

2004 BEST Wedding Coordinator

Bryan Rafanelli


If the words “wedding coordinator” call to mind a shrieking, melodramatic worrywart, think again. In the calm, confident hands of Rafanelli and his efficient crew, weddings seem all but effortless. Rafanelli molds wedding dreams into reality, based on the clients’… read more»

2002 BEST Wedding Coordinator

Rafanelli Events Management


Bryan Rafanelli is the Keith Lockhart of party planning: able to orchestrate a dizzying number of players to masterful effect. Even more impressive is his repertoire. He and design partner Billy Everse have personalized and pulled off nearly every memorable… read more»

2001 BEST Wedding Coordinator

Rafanelli Events


If there’s a party on earth that Bryan Rafanelli and his staff can’t pull off with élan, we’ve yet to see it. Renowned for creating grand entrances, Rafanelli has arranged everything from a Dixieland band leading an entire wedding party… read more»