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BEST Women's Haircut

1997 BEST Women's Haircut, Short

George Amaral


Have you ever been told upon showing up at work with a brand-new haircut, “Oh…you look terrific, I’m so happy for you!”? That last part belongs to the realm of getting a good job, a good husband, or a big… read more»

1995 BEST Women's Haircut, Women's

Gary at The Salon Mario Russo at Louis, Boston


Lots of people on the Street give great haircuts. Gary’s special because he’s not only skilled with scissors but, despite the posh location, he is wonderfully attitude free. read more»

1993 BEST Women's Haircut

Alan Mautino, Eco-centrix


Be warned: Mautino wears a ring in his nose, has a Mayor of Munchkinland goatee, and sports a sun-and-dolphin tattoo on his shaved scalp. But his cuts are as controlled as his spirit is free. read more»

1992 BEST Women's Haircut

Leon & Company


Go to Leon when you’re ready to chop—especially if you’re chicken. He knows how to cut around ambivalence. read more»

1990 BEST Women's Haircut

Nelson Randall


Bring them your frizz, your layers, your tired locks yearning to breathe free. This high-tech, low-key salon will liberate them. read more»