Best of Boston

2012 BEST Lobster Roll

Island Creek Oyster Bar

Chef Jeremy Sewall has a family connection to the best crustaceans around: His cousin Mark is a Maine lobsterman. And the best vehicle for his wares just may be Island Creek’s lobster roll. Mixed with créme fraîche, dill pickles, and celery salt, the succulent meat is stuffed into a house-made rosemary-flecked roll and sent out to the table bursting at the seams. Take a moment to savor the stunning visual, because it’ll be gone before you can say, "Pass the napkins, please."

500 Commonwealth Ave. Boston 617-532-5300

User Guidelines
  • Karen Pooler

    Please Lobster only with a choice of condiments or garnish on the side, and, a choice of rolls! What’s the big deal, how hard is it to add mayo or whatever? King’s in Salem, Ma the Best no fillers! You decide. When you pay for Lobster you don’t want to pay for lettuce, celery etc. Pay for the meat not the fillers.