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BEST Antiques

1998 BEST Antiques, Affordable

Consignment Galleries


If you’ve tried to furnish your first apartment or even looked for that much-needed desk or even a lamp, you know what the prices are. And we’re not even talking period pieces— just something of a certain age, with that… read more »

1996 BEST Antiques, Affordable

Upstairs Downstairs


It has the air of a country roadside antiques store, with friendly prices and unexpected treasures (a satin-wood inlaid floor-length dressing mirror, with marble-topped side tables, 1927, $1,650). If you want to go totally rustic, consider a painted jelly cabinet… read more »

1996 BEST Antiques, Shopping

Streamline; Darkhorse; Lucy and Ethel’s


These three treasure troves in historic Lower Mills are crammed full of wonderful furniture, glassware, and tchotchkes to satisfy the most discerning nostalgia-heads. read more »

1993 BEST Antiques, Restoration

Neil Dale


He carefully matches his approach to repairing your objets d’art to the amount you can spend. read more »

1990 BEST Antiques, Restoration

Rosine Green Associates


This team of masters—including a metalsmith, a furniture restorer, and a wood-carver—can restore anything antique: furniture, metals, paintings, and objets d’art. read more »